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Nice to meet you all! My name is Mimi and I am the artist behind the scenes! I am passionate about art in its many forms: paintings, digital art, literature, fashion and dance. 

I have a long history in Performing arts all the way from international dance performances to creating choreographs. Performing arts is a reflection of visual representations. It is like a visual puzzle consisting of hundreds of pieces that together form beauty in movement.  

Along with my career as a dancer, I have found beauty in painting and visual arts. I wanted to combine my passion and interests into something remarkable. This is how Ambiance & Atmosphère was founded in the summer of 2020. As an entrepreneur I want to provide affordable and unique art to my customers. For current work on sale, you can also have a look at our Art Gallery.



Creativity is a set of mind ✨Not even the sky is a limit

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Beauty is everywhere 🌸 You just need to look closely



Client references



Lakiasiaintoimisto Dahl

"Working with Mimi was very easy and successful because Mimi instantly understood my vision of the outcome. The portraits that Mimi took are an important part of my advertising and have received a lot of compliments."

"Yhteistyö Mimin kanssa oli erittäin helppoa ja onnistunutta, koska Mimi ymmärsi heti, millaista lopputulosta tavoittelin. Mimin ottamat henkilökuvat ovat olennainen osa mainontaani, ja ne ovat saaneet paljon kehuja." (Lakiasiantoimisto Dahl)

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